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The FUTURE of rockcrawler classifieds is HERE! The days of posting your rigs on forums, social media or local sites only are behind us. We bring you the ability to sell your rig for FREE, worldwide!

Who we are:

Nate: I started rockcrawling at Moab Easter Jeep Safari '02 in a near-stock Jeep XJ. Things quickly progressed- it went from a daily-driver to a cut-up trailer queen in less than 2 years. I developed a passion for wrenching and fabrication but alas, life got crazy in '07... marriage and home ownership happened and that Jeep went away. It was replaced by a Jeep MJ project within months but that one didn't stay. Another XJ came into the fold in '08 and has been with us ever since. The progression has been much slower on this one due to not having a tow rig for the first 4 years of owning it. It has been to Moab around 20 times and it shows. I will be the first to tell you that it is definitely not a show vehicle by even the lowest standards but it has served it's purpose very well and every scratch and dent is a memory.

What do you love about rockcrawling?: I am driven by the challenge and competitive aspects of it all. I also thoroughly enjoy the rush that I get when tires are in the air or my Jeep is on it's side. Wrenching and fabrication are also a huge part of the lifestyle for me. If I wasn't working on my rig or a friend's rig I don't know what I'd be doing. I also love the people. I've made some amazing friends over the years and built some great relationships.



Todd:  Nate married my sister and the love of rockcrawling is contagious- just like my awesomeness, which is how the three of us came together. After spending 6 years as a passenger and/or full-time spotter I decided to buy my own Jeep and get behind the wheel.   After doing part of Pritchett for my maiden run in my stock XJ I wanted, no needed, to do more.  I've spent years, with Nate's help, modifying my XJ to take on some crazy obstacles and continue making modifications, or repairing casualties of the terrain, all of the time.  My Jeep has now done Pritchett, Behind the Rocks, Rusty Nail, Green Day, Triple Threat, Hells Revenge (Mickey's Hot Tub, Hell's Gate, Escalator), Cliffhanger, Moab Rim, and many other trails in Moab, St. George, and Salt Lake area.  After ten years into the jeeping life, my drive to do more and love of the sport is as strong as ever.  My goal with Rockcrawlers For Sale is to help the rockcrawling community by providing a tailor-made site for novices and experts alike to find what they need for whatever stage in the sport they are in.


Tom: Probably the coolest guy you'll ever meet. These other two bone heads call me the "Web Master", yup I'm the guy that made this awesome site you're using right now, unless something is broken, then someone else wrote it ;). I have been doing activities that involve wheels, dirt and rocks since I was young and still love anything with that smell of gasoline, burnt rubber and dirt. I love all things tech but I'm not your typical nerd that you can't have a conversation with, so if you see me out on a trail, whether it be dirt biking, mountain biking or wheeling say hey and ask for some free swag.



What makes a vehicle a rockcrawler? We based our selections for the vehicles we have listed on this site by what we have seen in Moab and other rockcrawling scenes. If you would like us to add/remove any vehicles, let us know. Most vehicles with low-range 4-wheel drive and decent ground clearance can do some rockcrawling.

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